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When glass breaks in your home or business, it becomes both a safety and security issue. That's why we're dedicated to putting your safety needs first. Whether it's replacing a fogged insulated unit or a broken window, North East Glass has the experience and a competitive price for the glass you're looking for. We are fully Licensed and Insured for your peace of mind, and we're dedicated to doing business the right way! We provide repair of window glass, single & dual-pane glass, patio doors, commercial doors, storm doors, storm windows, and screens. At North East Glass, we do more than just replace broken glass. With options for anything from mirrors, glass table & furniture tops, glass shelving, or decorative cabinet glass, every room in your home or business can benefit from the added luxury that glass can provide.


Do you want to enhance the beauty, and add style and drama to practically any space in your home or office? Think about adding mirrors. They intensify light and can even enlarge the perceived size of a room. That's like remodeling without the mess! North East Glass can create almost any size or shape of mirrors to meet your needs. With standard or beveled edges and several colors to choose from, mirrors can be designed to fit your personal style for a new application, or to replace an existing mirror. Since we custom cut our mirror, you are only limited by your imagination. Our expertise doesn't stop at creating your mirror. We also provide convenient, professional installation. Whether it's a mirror for your bathroom or wall to wall mirrors for a dance studio or exercise room, our experienced glaziers can complete the job to your satisfaction. Bring us your design and we'll make it a reality!

Energy Efficient Replacement Windows

The eyes are the windows of the soul, but windows are the eyes of your home! They let in natural light and a view of the world. Would you like to improve the curb appeal and value of your home, while saving money on heating and cooling costs? The energy efficiency of new windows has increased dramatically within the last 5 years alone. New vinyl windows with dual-pane Low-E glass are the most practical choice, providing better than ever conservation. Replacing old, broken, or damaged windows may be expensive, but ignoring them can be more expensive and can lead to water or mold damage. North East Glass offers replacement windows with several frame styles, colors, and glass options to choose from. We can recommend the best models for your home's style and your budget, and we can install them without disturbing the structure of your home, with no need to remove the framework.

Insulated Glass Units

Fogged up window glass indicates an internal seal failure in your insulated glass unit. Condensation can build up and lead to water or mold damage. The good news is that you don't have to replace the entire window, just the glass! No construction mess, no need to paint or stain, and no need to replace frames or sashes. We even offer a discount for multiple units ordered at the same time! Whether you choose to replace your windows or just the glass, it's important that you choose a licensed, insured, and established company to perform your home improvements. With over 25 years of experience in the glass industry, we pride ourselves on our unique approach to developing solutions for each customer. You can trust North East Glass to meet all of your glass needs!

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Repair service for items shown: Glass windows, glass mirrors, glass table tops, safety glass, insulated dual pane glass windows and screens.

When you need glass repair or replacement for your home, we can come to your location and measure for an install, or you can call or visit our office in North East, PA, to place an order. Click Here to go to our Contact Page.

North East Glass repaired the glass in these residential dual pane windows.

Would you like to improve the look, curb appeal, and value of your home, while saving money on heating and cooling costs? Your older, wooden windows could be letting up to 25% of your annual energy costs slip through the cracks. New, energy efficient vinyl replacement windows are the answer!

Residential window before and after image.  Old window is fogged due to heat loss.  New dual pane, Low E windows are clear- indicating energy savings.

Fogged up insulated (dual-pane) windows can really ruin your view! Not to mention the fact that condensation buildup in your windows can cause water or mold damage to your home. We replace just the glass, leaving your window frame and sash alone, and there's no construction mess to worry about!